Sep 30

Consumer Marketing

Marketing your business is the most challenging part to do. Understanding every detail of it is important plus all the factors that concerns the processing of your business is your

Aug 23

Digital marketing is a process, not a destination

It’s about understanding your audience and what they want, then using the right channels to reach them in the way that suits their needs best. We’ll help you understand how

Aug 07

The Secret To Successful PPC Marketing.

Don’t you find it odd that most ‘marketing secrets’ these days are just common sense? It’s extremely rare that you stumble upon PPC marketing secrets that are actually secrets. Most

Jul 27

What Is The Value Of Social Media Marketing?

The world connects through the internet. Social media networks are present – front and center- in the lives of millions of people around the world. Social media marketing is speedily

Jul 20

3 Reasons to Automate Marketing Emails

Coined by Ron Popeil during the filming of a 1980’s infomercial for his Showtime Rotisserie, “set it and forget it” is an enduring advertising slogan that foretold the future of

Jul 12

What’s a good sample size in market research?

One of the most common questions we get asked by people doing surveys is “How big should my sample size be?”. While there are many sample size calculators and statistical

Jul 05

How To Level Up Your Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy is almost like a living, breathing person. It’s continually changing as well as adjusting to the environment. It requires room to grow and evolve, and it isn’t

Jun 25

Establish Your Own Digital Marketing Business

Did you know that the digital market spending is supposed to climb to $375 billion in this year? If you’re looking to break into this really promising field, you’ll want

May 13

What Is The Power Of Social Media Marketing?

The truth of the matter is that social media — when used strategically over a period of time — is the most powerful form of marketing and market research which

May 05

WhatsApp: Your Newest Sales & Marketing Helper

The world of marketing channels keeps on shifting as new innovations appear with every new communication medium. Today’s marketers are more prone to use digital marketing channels instead of sticking