10 Years in 1 Day :A Decade in Digital Marketing


Marketing You fell asleep at a friend’s New Year’s party and you’ve just woken up. The only thing is, it was Dec 31 2009 when you arrived but now you look at the calendar on the kitchen wall you realize it’s January 1st 2020! Just like that, 10 years have flown by!


After you struggle out the door, you find yourself standing in a vaguely familiar street and you find that same battered old brown wallet in your back pocket. Somehow you were cryogenically frozen (but that’s a story for another day) and now you have a lot of catching up to do.

Let’s look at the world around and see how things have changed, especially for you—a tech afficionado and one of the first digital people in your company’s marketing department.

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Contactless Connectivity

It’s New Year’s morning and the whole world feels a bit disoriented, not just you. You need to find your way home. You stroll to the bus stop, which is still there, (but with a new fancy tracker that tells you when the buses are coming), and realize your annual pass might be out of date. Looking sheepishly at the bus driver while you fumble for coins in your pocket, he asks if you have contactless on your debit or credit card.

You remember that back in 2009 you had noticed the contactless logo on your bank card with skepticism, never imagining it would ever catch on). But now, you’re invited to tap your card on the payment terminal by the driver and take a seat and watch everyone else do the same.

Omni-channel Experiences

You hop off your bus in the town center. Apart from some new cafes and places offering you to do something called vape, not much has changed. But you, being a techie, can’t help but notice all the digital ads around the place.

Looking at your precious old iPhone 4 (once the envy of your friends), it’s clear it has become worn and even a bit rusty, particularly when you see some teens strut past with huge screens and all kinds of sparkly gadgets dangling from their handsets. Yes, it’s time to grab yourself an upgrade. So, with a newfound spring in your step (and hope that your credit card might work), you waltz into the nearest mobile store.

Everything looks enticing and the in-store ‘mobile guru’ springs over to offer assistance.

After trying not to show how you’re blown away by these beautiful machines, you settle on a satisfactory plan, and your new device soon leaps into action. Immediately, you’re prompted to download the network’s own mobile app and you’re given lots of personalized content based on your discussion with the sales guy.

mmersive technology

You stop to peek inside the furniture store you remember from childhood, now busy with kaleidoscopic digital displays, interactive mobile screens, and weird VR-style headsets, and find it swarming with post-Christmas sale shoppers. Rather than enter, you decide to download the app which you’re delighted to discover is powered by augmented reality (AR), something you’d only ever come across before in the 2002 movie Minority Report.

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Autonomous technology

On the way home, your bus gets stuck in roadworks (yes, they’re still everywhere), so you follow every other passenger’s lead and turn to your smartphone to pass the time.

You fire up Google and start punching in a multitude of search queries (you’ve been out of touch for 10 years, after all) and notice the results are much closer to what you’re actually looking for. That’s because search results (SERPS) have changed dramatically over the last decade.

The results you see are far more nuanced and based on the context of your search, rather than returning content based very rigidly on the exact key terms you punched into the engine. Yes, search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically—and semantic search is one of the driving forces.

Voice command

Finally, you’re home and your key worked! You’ve still got the same carpet and the same wallpaper and when you enter your lounge, rather amazingly, you still have the same roommates—AND somehow, they’ve been expecting you (now there’s a sci-fi twist).

After a rapid-fire round of hugs and explanations, your roommate, Bob, says he wants to play you a song from 2019; he’s puffing on an electric cigarette, which is weird. You hear him say, “Alexa, play Old Town Road,” and to your amazement, a little circular device in the corner of the room starts playing the twangy hit.

In your absence, voice technology devices have become a regular fixture in many consumer homes across the globe. In fact, by 2022, it’s predicted that there will be eight million active voice tech devices in existence.