6 Digital Marketing Campaigns you can Learn More


Learn Digital Marketing is constantly evolving. That makes it more difficult for marketers to determine how best to distinguish themselves when planning their digital marketing campaigns.


What channels will work best? Should I be funny or serious? Is it really all about video? The questions are endless, but the answers can sometimes be simple – if you know where to look. Here are six of the most successful digital marketing campaigns and the lessons you can learn from them.

1. Tell a Story with Emotional Triggers – Heineken


Heineken chose an interesting way to tell a story. Instead of focusing on a single person or narrative, the brand used political conflicts trending in the news to bring people from very different lives together.

Heineken reps first had individuals state their point of view on common items in the news including transgenderism, feminism, and global warming. Then, those with opposing views were paired together and had to complete a number of tasks. It was not until all of the tasks had been completed that they were shown the interviews given by their opposite. After they worked together and watched the interviews, the pairs were told they could stay and discuss their differences over a beer, or they could leave.

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2. Create a Safe Space for Less Glamorous Brands – Tena

Not every brand has a socially comfortable stance to take during a digital campaign. In fact, that discomfort can cause many brands to shy away from social media. However, Tena, an adult incontinence brand, decided to embrace its product by creating a safe place where people who share the same challenges can meet.

3. Multi-Channel Strategy – Single Grain and Eric Siu

It is never enough to have one forum to share your content. It takes multiple channels and platforms to build brand awareness. Single Grain uses the inherent knowledge of CEO Eric Siu to generate content that works across a number of platforms. That includes a marketing podcast, which he co-hosts with another digital marketing wizard, Neil Patel. “Growth Everywhere” is a series of interviews with various entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Single Grain also has a strong hold on YouTube where it has introduced a new series “Leveling Up,” sharing tactical ideas with marketers and business owners.

4. User-Generated & Influencer Content – ASOS

ASOS created a #AsSeenOnMe campaign on Instagram that encouraged customers to post images of themselves wearing ASOS outfits. It worked not only to show off products but was also an excellent way to encourage user-generated content.

User-generated content (UGC) is genius as it is self-perpetuating, free, and also showcases a brand through the appreciation of its own customers. Using the hashtag allowed ASOS to share those posts on the ASOS Instagram feed. The company took it two steps further by a) adding product descriptions and numbers to the posts and b) providing a special #AsSeenOnMe section on its website so people could click it and find the product to purchase.

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5. Leverage Your Customers’ Interests – Wholesome Culture

Using your customers’ common interests to generate content for your digital campaigns allows you to stand out in competitive industries. That is the approach used by Wholesome Culture, a fashion brand that specializes in cruelty-free clothing. It uses a plant-based eating and environmentally friendly message in content, as it is something Wholesome Culture share with its customers.

Wholesome Culture approaches content with a few strategies that work well, including pop culture references and viral memes. The memes help the brand gain momentum, so it can then introduce content about its products. All of the messages, including memes, are always animal-friendly to help leverage customers’ concerns and interests.

6. Add a Touch of Experiential Marketing – Uniqlo

Taking your digital marketing beyond the confines of a handheld device can encourage brand engagement in a completely different way. Uniqlo, a Japanese casual apparel company, launched an interesting digital campaign to get people to see the company in a different light.

The brand developed a unique global image campaign that worked in hand with 100 physical locations. Customers were told to take photos of a series of billboards with moving images to capture product codes. The five-digit code was then uploaded to the campaign website where customers could redeem a clothing sample.

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