Digital Marketing Resolutions for the New Year!


New Year, New Marketing Strategy

New Year, new marketing strategy? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about New Year resolutions, but as a business owner it should be. Resolutions aren’t meant to set ourselves up for failure and disappointment, they challenge us to become better!

New Year


5 Digital Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

In today’s digital world, there are many distractions and obstacles your consumer could encounter before even reaching your ad, profile or website etc. Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a chance on being different can benefit your business in more ways than just one.

It is time to revitalize your digital appearance and take your marketing strategy to the next level. Here are a few resolutions you can make in 2019 to ensure a better and more rewarding marketing strategy.

Overhaul your Style.
As they say, first impressions are everything. Make sure your visitors are visually greeted with great photos, eye-catching design and interactive content whether it’s your website or social media page they are visiting. Examine the text that is placed on the company website, make sure the ‘why’ is clearly stated and hits your consumer immediately. If the information the consumer is looking for is not stated on the first page or easily found, they will go looking for it elsewhere. The consumer should easily be able to determine the ‘why you should choose our services over the competition’ or ‘why our product is above others’.

In the New Year, don’t be afraid to make changes. Update your profile picture, edit the text on the website or try a different color scheme. Keeping things fresh and welcoming, yet intriguing, are the keys to holding the viewers’ attention longer.

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Utilize Video Content.
Today, consumers want the information they are searching for fast and efficiently. If they can’t find it within less than a minute, boom, they return to the search engine. Create a YouTube channel and videos that can be functional on all social platforms. Studies show that a person is more likely to sit and watch a short video than to sit and read a small paragraph. Videos are visually appealing and grab the attention of the viewer faster than text would.

Videos can be an easy way to get your company message across to the consumer. Keep it brief and straight to the point. This kind of video can be posted on the homepage of your website, pinned to the company Facebook page, and even sent out in an email blast to all current and/or prospective customers.

Visualize the Marketing Plan.
Marketing plans and strategies can be very elaborate and contain various moving parts. When you have your marketing strategy in mind, sit down and map out exactly how you are going to execute it. Write down what types of campaigns you will be utilizing, goals, steps in bringing it to action, and the members of your team that will be responsible for that specific portion of the plan.

Writing steps down and putting an agenda behind the plan will make the execution of the plan run smoothly. The more information you can plan for, the easier the set-up will be. As they say, it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Organize, Organize, Organize.
Organization is should always be on your resolution list. The end of the year is hectic for many of us towards the end of every year. Between the holidays, co-workers taking vacation and wrapping up projects and prepping for the New Year, it is very easy for things to get misplaced. Take some time to organize the documents on your computer or file cabinet and create folders so it makes locating specific documents easier.

The more organized you can be with your marketing materials the better your marketing strategy will be executed throughout the year. It is easy to get caught up in several different directions but with optimal organization you’ll be able to tackle anything!

Set Attainable Goals.
An attainable goal is a measurable, realistic, controllable, flexible, and ethical goal that all businesses should set in the beginning of each year. Goals can be set monthly, quarterly or annually and are important because they can help keep you on track to reaching an even bigger milestone.

Marketing strategies require goals in order to assess the successes and shortcomings of a campaign. However, before goals can be made, the ‘why’ needs to be clearly stated.

When goals are achieved, pat yourself on the back and set another goal to push your marketing capabilities a bit further. Allow room for growth, in the marketing world platforms and strategies are always evolving. If goals are not reached, don’t let it set you back further. Assess the campaign, determine why the goal was not achieved, and then adjust the campaign and/or the goal for you to make small steps in the right direction.

How to create a marketing strategy?
In order to create a successful marketing strategy, first you must analyze where your business currently stands regarding marketing. In other words, analyzing past marketing strategies and determine what worked and what didn’t. Then you must determine the goals your company is looking to achieve. Then figure out what type of audience you would like to target. Finally, your team will sit down and hash out exactly what tactics need to be put in place for the goals to be attained. Budgets will need to be in place and then you’ll be able to start finalizing a marketing plan.

What should I include in a marketing plan?
A marketing plan should include total budget, goals, target market, market research, SWOT analysis, positioning (what sets you apart from competitors) and overall strategy.

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What is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is the marketing of a service or product using technology such as display advertising, search engine optimization, content development, paid search, reputation management, email campaigns, or social media planning.

Social media marketing strategies?
There are a variety of social media strategies that can be beneficial. Social media marketing strategy consists of things like personalizing experience for the customer, utilizing chatbots, create a community for your followers, keep content diverse, use brand advocates, go live to tell a story, and form a solid social media budget to run campaigns. Picking one or two of these strategies and sticking with it could create great change in your social appearance.

How to increase video content?
Video content has become a huge component of social media. Today we are seeing more and more videos that are getting messages across to the consumer. Why? Videos are visually appealing, can hold the attention of a viewer for longer and get the message across fast & efficiently. Utilizing video content can easily take your social media and/or website to the next level.

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