How to Make Your Copywriting Stick Out Like a Fart in Study Hall


If you want to know a secret way of using all the scams and con artists in your market to your advantage when writing your ads and sales letters, then this article will show you how.

Here’s the story:

A couple hours from where I live is a rather unusual house. I won’t say it’s “haunted.” (I don’t believe in ghosts.) But methinks there’s some bad mojo going on there. And it’s given my wife and me an extremely… uneasy… vibe whenever we’ve driven past it. (It’s one of those places where you can almost feel the hairs on your arms bristle when you get near it.)

But you know what? We’ve got freaky places like that online, too.

I’m talking about copywriting so blatantly manipulative and dishonest (usually targeted at newbies) one can get a bad vibe from it without knowing anything about the product, the website owner or even the market.

Just reading for a few seconds is all it takes.

It’s truly freaky how easy it is for some people to lie, con, cheat and steal from unsuspecting (often gullible) people like that. As if it’s “the thing to do” now. But guess what?

These “haunted” sales letters open up a HUGE opportunity, too — especially for anyone who’s willing to put away the fancy tricks and tips and go the opposite way.

For example…

We’re pretty much at the point where just having an ad that doesn’t scream “sales job!” ALONE flings you past the rest of the bleating herd of black hat marketers trying to trick people into buying.

Using “candor” (being candid about your product — especially its drawbacks) is extremely profitable, too.

Frankly, just treating your prospects like thinking people (instead of cattle) can make you stand out like a fart in study hall.

These things aren’t always considered “sexy” these days. But these proven principles have lasted the test of time, in every market imaginable. And there’s no reason they won’t work for you, too.

Source by Ben Settle