ITEC Courses – Study Guides to Help Pass Your Exams


ITEC are an international examining body which offer the following courses;

Beauty Therapy
Holistic Massage
Sports Massage

So far they are based in 38 countries around the world including UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

In order to gain a qualification in any of the above subjects you need to complete a practical assessment and a theory paper. The pass rate for ITEC is quite high so you need to ensure that you have a good study guide to help pass your exams.

There are several study guides on the market today but you have to make sure that the one you choose has a large set of multiple choice questions. ITEC give the format of multiple choice questions in their theory papers so revising with these types of questions is great preparation for your exams.

Using Anatomy and Physiology as an example, here are some of the types of questions that you should be revising with;

01. What is the function of the nucleolus?
a) The control the centre of the cell
b) To produce chromosomes
c) To produce protein
d) Form ribosomes – Answer

02. Onychophagy describes;
a) Egg shell nails
b) Hang nails
c) Ringworm
d) Bitten nails – Answer

03. The four plasma proteins are as follows;
a) Albumin, globulin, fibrinogen and prothrombin – Answer
b) Potassium, globulin, albumin and prothrombin
c) Albumin, potassium, fibrinogen and prothrombin
d) Iodine, prothrombin, fibrinogen and albumin

If you use your revision questions on a consistent basis then you will be able to quickly increase your knowledge on the area that you are studying.

Source by Georgina Ryan