Precision Market place Timing – By The Numbers!


In the subsequent 10 minutes, I am going to reveal to you what took me in excess of 30 decades of intense eyeball-to-chart exploration to explore! The highway has been extended and sometimes bumpy with a lot of surprising twists and turns together the way. And, guess what…it has not ended however! The more I discover, the much more I comprehend you can find much more to find out. So, fasten your seatbelt and knowledge the enjoyment I felt on this street of discovery…it truly is actually been a journey to bear in mind!

Let us start out at the beginning. I manufactured my initial commodity trade in 1968 even though a pupil at the University of Montana functioning in direction of a Master’s Degree in Enterprise Finance and Investments. I was fascinated by the leverage you could get on your expenditure capital by putting up a fairly smaller margin price in get to manage a significantly larger sized quantity of some commodity…leaving open up the possible for significant gains…and by using stops supposedly limited hazard. And, considering the fact that I was a hard cash-strapped college student with a “relatively” tiny total to invest, this really appealed to me.

So, one particular unforgettable Tuesday afternoon, I skipped fitness center class and hiked downtown to open up my 1st commodity trading account. I was anxious as a cat…but, I realized it was one thing I just experienced to do. The broker was being familiar with and right after about an hour of filling out forms and ready for an Alright from headquarters, I plunked my revenue down and began what I imagined would be an illustrative job as a “expert” commodity trader. I just couldn’t wait around to get started!

Early the next early morning, I was chomping at the little bit and determined to begin off by investing corn futures. Then in excess of the upcoming two weeks, the worst point that could take place to a starting trader took place to me…I experienced a few significant profitable trades in a row! I was persuaded I was the King Kong of trading…and frankly could not figure out why absolutely everyone explained to me investing was so difficult to be successful at. Then, as you’ve got most likely guessed…the fourth trade murdered me. I shed all the things I had already designed furthermore $200 additional than I even experienced in my account! So a great deal for the supposedly confined possibility. You can guess in which the e-book fund for that quarter went! My trading “vocation” appeared more than about as fast as air hurrying out of a balloon.

I went absent from that expertise licking my wounds, but definitely persuaded there was an underlying and identifiable pattern or rhythm in the markets. I could sense it. I understood it was there…but, I had no idea what it was. I wrestled with questions of how these types of a factor could exist. Or extra to the issue, considering that I noticed evidence of it truly is real existence…how could I verify it existed? Even though initially I even questioned my very own perceptions, I just knew in my bones it was there! I was decided to do no matter what it took to discover it, decide on it apart and eventually uncover out precisely what produced it tick.

It was then I realized that if you could explore any type of normal or consistent sample in sector actions…you would have the important to productive trading! Why? For the reason that you then could trade in sync with the timing styles controlling market movement. This was unquestionably a goal truly worth devoting a life span of exploration to…and, as it turns out…I have!

I started off my research by going to the source…the markets themselves! I examined charts from every current market I could get my fingers on…some made from details going again to the start of the Chicago Board of Trade in 1848! I understood that if there was a sample that repeated itself in the markets, I could uncover it…provided more than enough time, effort and stacks of charts to appear at.

Right after night time right after night time of painstaking study, a little bit of inspiration arrived from someplace and I came to the conclusion that by only making use of each day futures charts…in which every single vertical bar signifies a single investing day, I could probably detect tradable designs by figuring out reversal details in normal ongoing markets…specially, reversals that tended to occur on the identical number counts in excess of and over all over again when counting forward in time from any considerable substantial or low position…in the past.

It was about this time that a fellow trader relevant to me that W. D. Gann, the earth popular current market timer, was purported to have mentioned “if you want to know how to time the markets…go through the Bible 3 instances!”

I experienced normally researched the writings of Gann and was frankly in no way able to get a lot out of his cryptic and obscure ramblings other than to note his concentration on time as opposed to value pattern examination. Yet, this acquired me to contemplating…is it feasible that particular number counts where reversal energy is demonstrably exposed…essential time details I had now recognized in my relentless lookup by way of limitless chart illustrations…is it feasible as some sort of confirming device that those very same quantities are quantities prominently talked about in the sacred texts?

Considering that it was my personalized to often go through in the Bible, I decided to hold a notebook useful to jot down particular numbers mentioned in the Bible as I arrived throughout them. I experienced no true anticipations just one way or the other, but I was hunting forward to evaluating the numbers my personal investigation was turning up with the numbers prominently stated in the Bible.

So what did I find? Really, a head scratching puzzle. What I recognized correct absent right after gathering months of references was that there ended up an incredible number of near misses…figures from the Bible that have been in most situations off by just one particular amount depend from the numbers I had previously identified by way of exploration.

This was not the only point that bothered me. I might been in a quandary for years in excess of a quotation from Jesus observed in Luke 24:46 which explained “Consequently it is written, and hence it behooved Christ to experience, and to rise from the useless the third working day.”

With my persistent mentality, I just couldn’t see how Sunday was the 3rd day. It seemed to me that if Christ was crucified on Friday, then Saturday…Sunday… and then Monday should be the 3rd day. It had been a very long functioning and seemingly irreconcilable query in my mind.

Then out of the blue it struck me. To make the biblical buy perform, you would have to count Friday as day selection a single! Why this experienced been so really hard for me to see was I suppose easy to understand. Counting that way was just not how we had been taught to count considering that quality college. Even so, this was a critical breakthrough…given that I experienced now realized how God counts!

The up coming step was evident…use the newly acquired counting technique on the charts I was studying and see how the number counts as opposed with what I was accomplishing prior to. I picked up one of my trusty outdated charts and began counting times ahead from an essential high issue reversal working day on the chart.

Immediately, it jumped off the webpage at me. By adjusting the amount depend of every single newly discovered reversal electricity variety…by just just one day to reflect the new counting strategy, the correlation among Bible numbers and distinct range counts I experienced previously gathered were now virtually perfectly…in sync!

I say “just about” properly since what showed up was a sample of hits…that is, genuine reversal times happening on the chart that would have a tendency to “strike” (1) on the day just ahead of, (2) suitable on or (3) the day just just after the personal counting variety remaining projected.

This was heady stuff. Evidently, by applying the 40 unique and verified counting quantities so painstakingly discovered by means of study and verified in most instances by biblical references, I could now precisely pinpoint and undertaking into the foreseeable future perfectly defined and exceptionally highly effective 3 day “reversal zones” or “timing windows”…on any chart for any marketplace…at any time!

It’s critical to take note that the strongest reversal electrical power normally exhibited by itself in the middle working day of the 3 day zone or window. I will not know why, but the image of Christ crucified amongst 2 malefactors arrived to mind as I worked with this materials. And, as it turns out, the concept of a 3 unit zone or window with the most powerful strength targeted in the centre unit became more than time an even much more impressive investigation concept…as we shall quickly see.

And here is yet another curiosity. Evidently, there is certainly no way to decide or foretell whether predicted reversals will be up or down reversals…right up until you get there. As the sector starts to really trade up or down into the zone or window, then and only then does the marketplace idea it is hand to us.

And, here’s the definitely excellent component…It is really accurately at the essential moment to do a little something from a market timing standpoint. That is, just ahead of the industry reverses…and although concurrently pointing us in the way the marketplace has just revealed it’s likely to go! And, only individuals that know the language of the markets recognize what the marketplaces are expressing when they speak.

Astonishingly, the markets pretty much hand us top rated solution timing facts at the essential moment for us to use it for positioning trades in the ideal course…and exactly at the suitable time to be entirely in sync with market place motion…guaranteed!

Now, this is how it performs. If a marketplace is in the beginning trading down into a 3 day reversal zone, then we must assume a reversal of some consequence to come about to the upside during the period of time of that reversal zone. The anticipated reversal up is then confirmed on any subsequent day that sees a rally previously mentioned a former day’s superior. It could not be additional very simple!

And, conversely, if a market to begin with trades up into a 3 working day reversal zone, we should count on to see a reversal motion to the draw back happen. The reversal is then confirmed by any subsequent fall below a previous day’s low.

A further big as well as is that this system automatically generates a close-in stop or end/reverse place just on the other facet of the just lately predicted and confirmed reversal. This minimizes trade possibility tremendously.

It was at this issue that it quickly transpired to me that what was definitely occurring listed here…in the march of black bars across price charts…was the ongoing report in time of an unbelievable projection procedure…a course of action whereby the forward counting of times was monitoring some kind of power ripples radiating forward in time from significant and reduced reversal factors in the past.

My analysis proved this “method” is ongoing. It truly is consistently radiating energy off reversal details in the past which tasks 3 working day “timing home windows” or “reversal zones” into the foreseeable future…where this reversal “power” tends to crank out new reversal details in interval designs slipping precisely on sure distinct selection counts…which I now had determined!

But, how could this be? All I could imagine was that some form of beforehand unfamiliar wave energy have to be radiating off top rated or bottom reversal points in the earlier…frequently transferring out into the upcoming in various degrees of intensity, established in irregular however regular intervals…and with plenty of structured strength to substantially impact directional turns…in any current market…in precisely the same fashion and timing depend sequence. And all this, at exactly and objectively projected factors in time in the foreseeable future…whew!

Sit back for a second and assume about it. The magnitude of this discovery…let’s say revelation essentially, is brain boggling in it is really implication and absolutely astounding in value! It is really nearly as if the curtain has been ripped back again and we’re now privileged to appear lingeringly at the material of space and time…actually, the framework God employs to organize time and event progressions! Shockingly, it would show up that absolutely nothing comes about by opportunity!

I realized instinctively that this approach of market timing could not be named elementary or specialized investigation…but is fairly an completely new technique of industry timing evaluation which I dubbed temporal analysis due to the fact it is centered on time rather of price. In fact, at this place I recognized that a single of the best hallmarks of the recently named Kenison Counting Numbers is the complete lack of subjectivity in creating this kind of beneficial timing projections.

No guesswork is ever concerned. The variety counting sequence is straightforward and quick to have an understanding of. You do not ever want a calculator or computer or any specialized foreknowledge. And, the alerts projected are pretty exact and completely goal. It is all right there on the chart…just where by the future reversal electrical power in the sector will be exposed…and correspondingly, accurately exactly where the up coming projected reversal need to be anticipated!

And get this. Kenison Counting Number projections will under no circumstances turn out to be out of date. They will proceed with absolute objectivity…for all the yrs of you or your grandson’s buying and selling occupations…to pinpoint at or in just one day of a unique long term number depend, just in which a sector reversal of various diploma of magnitude really should surface.

How do we know this? Simply due to the fact many years of exhaustive historical research has established that irrespective of whether you might be on the lookout at constructed charts from the previous two centuries, the 1970’s or last 7 days, the procedure would have worked precisely the exact in each individual period…with specifically the exact phenomenal final results!

And try to remember, these are the really similar timing rely numbers confirmed traditionally and by way of examine of the scriptures to have verified and pretty definite reversal energy affiliated with them. Consider me…immediately after discovering the Kenison Counting Numbers current market timing method, you will in no way seem at a rate chart the same all over again.

I was also particularly gratified to study by a long time of ongoing research that Kenison Counting Numbers function equally effectively in projecting potential reversal factors in each individual industry, irregardless of irrespective of whether it is really a futures, solutions, stock, forex or money marketplace…any where in the world!

How Kenison Counting Quantities Get the job done…

This thoroughly one of a kind and really powerful method’s ability to job crucial market place highs and lows…in the potential is uncanny. How does it do it? Right after a long time of private investigate, I have discovered the correct irregular quantity sequence the sector by itself observes. Just count the bars on a rate chart forward from any market place substantial or small stage in the earlier and the Kenison Counting Figures will notify you specifically on which figures in the sequence you must assume potent reversal electrical power to be exposed…in the long term…and with a quite significant degree of reliability! This lets traders to foresee, confirm and then act on most likely worthwhile investing turns that some others don’t even see coming…or have the slightest plan even exist!

There is very little subjective about this investigation…it is really completely goal. It offers you no nonsense exact entry and exit factors with near-in and automatic stop loss details. And for the charts you need to have? They are absolutely free on the online!

Just one other issue must be pressured. This is strictly eyeball to chart evaluation. No sophisticated software program system or mathematical calculation is at any time vital. With this new everyday living prolonged expertise, you can expend just times with a value chart and know with whole assurance what your training course of action must be…and know with complete clarity what the threats are…all in progress!

There’s no want to verify with any person initial…you might be the pro! Why? Mainly because when you have an understanding of this market place timing system you will know with tranquil self-assurance what the industry alone is telling you about current trends and potentially explosive turning details…and precisely when to assume them!

When you see how by simply just counting ahead and backward in time from critical superior or minimal points in the earlier, you can job significant reversal factors in the potential…imagine me, you’ll be hooked! I have been hooked now for in excess of 30 decades and I’m continue to fascinated on a everyday foundation as I check out these turns happen like clockwork in timing windows projected weeks and even months just before!

Traders can become professional in using all 40 of the unbelievably potent Kenison Counting Quantities to task ahead in time to accurately in which reversal electrical power will be exposed…in the upcoming!

1 of the most amazing Kenison Counting Quantities is represented by Zone 14…particularly, when using our basic triangulation procedures in mixture with other counting quantities to undertaking impressive conjunction and convergence reversal zones…reversals which commence extremely dynamic high-velocity directional industry moves! Other traders marvel at windfall income that feel to come out of nowhere. Kenison Counting Quantities is the software that alerts you beforehand thus permitting you the possibility to revenue from these explosive market moves!

When investors and traders investigate this precision sector timing technique, they are shocked to learn the purely natural and irregular rhythm discovered in the marketplaces…a rhythm that is continuous and traces out just the similar pattern for all markets around the globe! It really is shocking to see how invariably reversals come about on the same range counts in the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence…in excess of and in excess of once again.

And now yet another awesome point regarding the Kenison Counting Quantities strategy…it retains real no make a difference what time frame you are hunting at! As we previously know if you use the process to a everyday chart, you will venture day-to-day reversals. But remarkably, If you also use it to a weekly chart, you will job weekly reversal factors into the foreseeable future. In fact, the similar Kenison Counting Quantities sequence operates equally properly when utilized to every month, weekly, every day or intra-day charts!

It was exactly at this position that an additional phenomenal discovery was manufactured. I found that you could ascertain the most probably actual reversal day, week or month inside each and every reversal zone by applying the Kenison Counting Numbers to rely backward in time from every of the a few times, months or months inside of each and every reversal zone. How does this perform? Fairly just, when you count backwards in the fashion outlined over, you will discover that substantial significant and small points…in the previous…drop just on particular range counts in the Kenison Counting Selection sequence…but only if you are counting backwards from the most very likely actual upcoming working day, 7 days or month where the marketplace will reverse! As I witnessed this mirror impression or echo impact in action, I realized this is definitely a wonder!

This is totally astounding when you know that by counting forward or backwards in time reversal electricity is exposed on the identical range counts in the Kenison Counting Numbers sequence irregardless of regardless of whether you are counting months, months, times or 15 moment intervals on an intra-day price chart! Witness this procedure in action in genuine markets in authentic time and you will be absolutely impressed at the magnitude of this discovery…I warranty it!

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