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What is marketing strategy and why should you care? Marketing strategy is the process of developing a plan to reach your target audience. It includes figuring out what your company does, who it serves, and how those people can be reached. Your company’s marketing strategy will help you better understand where your business needs to go in order to stand out from competitors.

Jul 24

Traditional and Digital Marketing Must Go

The internet is widely used for digital marketing – as a promotional tool, a distribution channel and sometimes as the product itself. But is marketing via social media platforms always

May 10

Video Marketing Best Practices

Video marketing is one of the strongest ways to give a visual introduction or demonstration of your products or services—and it allows you to capture the attention of your buyer

Apr 30

Digital Marketing Resolutions for the New Year!

New Year, New Marketing Strategy New Year, new marketing strategy? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about New Year resolutions, but as a

Apr 13

5 Startup Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

Are you new to the startup game, and even newer to the content marketing game? With all the work that goes into starting a business, there’s little time to think

Feb 28

9 of the Marketing Channels for Recruiting in 2020

Channels The recruitment landscape is changing, and our marketing strategies need to change with it. We no longer have the luxury of cherry-picking from pools of active candidates; candidates choose