WhatsApp: Your Newest Sales & Marketing Helper


The world of marketing channels keeps on shifting as new innovations appear with every new communication medium. Today’s marketers are more prone to use digital marketing channels instead of sticking to traditional means. Among the more innovative digital marketing mediums, WhatsApp is breaking all barriers as an exceptional sales and marketing tool.


The recent acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook has given FB a better means of reaching out to audiences in areas where Facebook is not actively used. The best thing about using WhatsApp is that it has never been utilized as a marketing channel. This fact has increased its potential as a very effective marketing medium. Let’s explore more on the efficiency of this channel.

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5 Ways to Use WhatsApp for Marketing

WhatsApp for Customer Communication & Support

Communication and support through WhatsApps can offer 40% more leads than the conventional way of client support through calling. None of your customers are likely to respond to calls from an unknown number but there are pretty fair chances of their answering personal messages.

WhatsApp For Business

Messaging clients through WhatsApp offers an opportunity to be informal with your clients. For example, if you have sent a quote but you’re not getting any response, you either need to call them or send a follow-up mail. Instead, messaging through WhatsApp can help get a quicker response.

Build an interactive community of like-minded people

As a communication channel, WhatsApp allows text messaging with both images and videos. There is also an option of promoting a brand campaign among like-minded people with group formation, thus creating an interactive community.

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Brand Positioning

Through the personalized WhatsApp communication, services providers have a better chance to know what clients want from them. This makes it easier to fulfill clients’ wishes and boost the brand. It will seem a delightful experience for clients when their queries have been answered by real people in real time.

Using WhatsApp Marketing Tools

The popularity of WhatsApp among customers has initiated the development of a number of WhatsApp look-alike marketing tools. Among these, WhatsApp Bulk Sender is a major one. This is desktop-based marketing software. It allows service providers to send bulk WhatsApp messages to their customers. Text, images, audios, and videos can also be sent very efficiently with this tool.


By using this unconventional marketing channel medium, service providers will have a much more efficient way to create new business leads, giving them the potential to meet and surpass all their expected business growth.

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